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Frequently Asked Questions About MLM Genealogy Leads

Q. What is a genealogy lead?

A. Genealogy leads are simply the names and contact information of people who have been involved with a home based business in the past. This means that they have joined a networking/direct sales opportunity, put up the cash and actually started their own home business instead of just talking or dreaming about it.

Q. What is the difference between genealogy leads and opportunity seeker leads?

A. I want to make it clear that genealogy leads ARE NOT opportunity seeker leads.  Opportunity seeker leads, are the names and contact information of people who "request" more information about starting a home business. They usually come with full contact information including a date/timestamp and IP address from when and where they "opted-in" to receive information.

Q. Why would I want to contact Genealogy leads along with or instead of opportunity seeker leads?

A. If you have been around this industry for awhile you might have noticed that many "opportunity seeker" leads are people that are broke, don't have any drive, are looking for a freebie, and just plain difficult to deal with. They may have want to start a home business for all the perks but have no idea that it takes money, effort, and time to be successful.  Instead they just want the commission checks to fall out of the sky with little to no work on their behalf. Of course, not all "opportunity seeker" leads are this way but you do run into that more often than not.

When you contact a genealogy lead you are doing the same thing that major corporations and companies have been doing since the beginning of advertising. You are trying to match your product/opportunity with the group of people who fit the have been interested in the past of what your product/service stands for.

For example... Let's say there is a company called Weight Loss Inc. and they just created a new product called Fat Burn 2020. They decide they are going to market the product with a telemarketing campaign. Now, do you think that they are going to just pick up the phone book and start dialing numbers? Probably not, instead they are going to get a "buyers file" of people who have purchased weight loss/health products in the past because they are the most likely to want their new Fat Burn 2020 product. The people on the buyers file obviously have an interest in losing weight at sometime otherwise they never would have bought a weight loss product. PLUS they also have invested money in the past so you know that it is likely they are people of action and not just tire kickers.

With genealogy leads you're doing the same thing as mentioned above. You're trying to make contact with people who have a clue what network marketing and direct sales is because they have some degree of past experience.

Q. How do I get started using genealogy lists?

A. The mindset for recruiting with genealogy lists shouldn't change from any other prospecting that you do.  It's still about building relationships and shifting through the numbers. All you need to prepare yourself for is your initial approach or your icebreaker, which is how you are going to talk to them when you first make contact.

Q. Do you provide any scripts for working these leads?

A. Yes... Every order from ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com comes with our "MLM Genealogy Leads Secrets" ebook.This training and information will steer you in the right direction as you get started with your new prospecting efforts.

Q. How come these leads are so cheap compared to "opportunity seeker" leads?

A. When you purchase "opportunity seeker" leads, you are buying data that has been freshly generated of people who say they have an interest in a business opportunity. Opportunity seeker leads usually cost much more because you are buying a person's interest. The way I see it though is that everyone is an opportunity seeker! Think about it, who on this planet doesn't want to make more money? Building an MLM is all about sorting through people to find out who's interested. All you're doing with genealogy leads is sorting through people who have MLM experience instead of sorting through people who said they had an interest in an opportunity. Same game... Just a different type of person.

Q. What about the Do-Not-Call Registry?

A. When it comes to the DNC and network marketing there are several different arguments being made on whether or not you need to scrub your lists or not. Some of the top producers in the networking industry state that you do not need to worry about the regulations if you approach your leads from the standpoint of a person taking a survey. While someone blatantly selling a product or service could get in trouble, the person simply inquiring about someone's network marketing experience and conducting a survey would be exempt from the registry.

Another valid argument made about contacting genealogy leads is that you are simply making a "business to business" phone call which is exempt from the DNC. At one time or another, the person your talking to did operate a home business and listed their phone as the business contact number.

The biggest thing is to not sound like a telemarketer when your prospecting and you won't get treated like one. If someone does say they are on the DNC, simply point out to them that you weren't calling to solicit them rather survey them about their network marketing experience. Then kindly thank them for their time and tell them you will remove their information from your list so they don't hear from you again.

Please Note:  ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com exercises no control over, and accepts no responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of how you prospect the leads. By making a purchase from ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Q. What if I have any other questions... Who do I contact?

A. If you have any other questions or special requests, please call us at 1-888-689-8444 or send us an email at [email protected].