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Email Marketing Leads

MLM Genealogy Leads for Email Prospecting

Bulk email marketing is still a viable recruiting platform as long as its done correctly. Unfortunately most people go about bulk email marketing all wrong and usually get shut down before they even get started.

Here are 3 things you MUST do to Conduct a Successful Email Campaign:

1. Make sure you have a clean and targeted list

The truth is that in today's age you simply can't send email to a list of contacts that hasn't been scrubbed. Sending email to invalids, moles, traps, seeds, bots and dormant accounts will not only be ineffective but it can also get your email account flagged and shut down. ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com scrubs all of our email lists before sending them out to you to eliminate all hard bounces so you only get certified emails to send to. Our definition of certified is as follows: An email address with no known reason to expect a delivery failure or harm to email sender's online reputation.

2. Use the right sending service

Don't buy into the hype that you can blast out millions of emails from some offshore server and everything is going to be ok... There are a bunch of these services online that claim to send out millions of emails for very little money and 99% of them are garbage. You'll find that most of them don't offer a phone number on their website as well and no phone number should be a big red flag. Unfortunately on the other end of the spectrum the majority of the legit auto-responder companies like Aweber and MailChimp don't allow you to upload your own lists without being heavily scrutinized on how they were acquired.

All is not lost though because we've partnered with a legitimate email sender that has been in business since 2004, is USA based and has great customer service. For as little as $29 a month you can get setup with a JMailerPro account and start sending your marketing messages out to network marketers the right way. (Click here to learn more about JMailerPro)

3. Send the right message

So you've got a clean list and a legitimate email program with JMailerPro...  You now need to craft a series of emails to send to your prospects. This is another step where many people falter simply because they write long winded sales emails that nobody reads. The goal of your email shouldn't be to sell someone on your program, rather to get them to take a look at your offer via a capture or information page. This means that your emails should be short and sweet with the goal of producing clicks to your website.

Our email prospecting lists vs the "other" guys

Are we the only place that sells MLM genealogy / networker email lists? Of course not... We have however been providing lists since 2005 and helped quite a few people along the way. While its true you can go out and spend a few bucks on tens of thousands of genealogy leads I want you to know upfront that the list you purchase is going to be full of invalid and potentially dangerous email addresses.

All our lists are pulled from our proprietary database of network marketers, home business owners & direct salespeople. We are constantly adding new lists to the database and removing older files that have had too much exposure to the marketplace. Unlike the other guys, our goal is to provide you with the best email prospecting list possible.Yes our data costs a little more but that's because we do our best to provide you with a clean contactable list. All of our email prospecting genealogy lists go through multi-part scrubbing process before its sent out to you. This scrubbing includes removing invalid, mole, quarantine, seed, bot, dormant account & discretionary email addresses. This means that you only get certified good to send emails when you make a purchase from us.

Targeting the perfect list for your phone prospecting needs

Depending on your goals we offer several targeting packages of networker email leads. These include USA/Canada targeted email leads, state targeted email leads and MLM type email leads. Click on the packages below to learn more about each lead type as well as make a purchase.
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