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Direct Mail Leads

MLM Genealogy Leads for Direct Mail

Direct mail can be an effective marketing strategy to build your home business. Although social media and email has changed the way many businesses advertise, direct mail could be an untapped goldmine for you if done correctly.

3 Things to do in order to have success with direct mail...

1. Get a good list

First and foremost you need to get the right mailing list and this means sending to opportunity buyers (genealogy leads) instead of opportunity seekers. While there are several places you can purchase mailing lists online, ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com will provide you with a clean and targeted networker list for your direct mail efforts. All of our mailing lists contain the information of real network marketers plus they are cleaned using SmartyStreets so you don't spend money sending to vacant or undeliverable addresses.

2. Make a good offer

If you send a letter or postcard that try's to do all the "selling and telling" about your business your not going to get good results. Like other forms of marketing you simply want your direct mail piece to elicit an initial response from your prospect. For example, having them call an 800 number to listen to a pre-recorded message or go to a capture page to watch a presentation. Craft an offer that solves a problem for them instead of try's to sell them something. If you can show someone how to solve a problem you will have a good response.

3. Send out enough messages & test your results.

While having a good list and good message is important, direct mail is a numbers game. The minimum you should to test a campaign would be 500 pieces. While testing you want to make sure and track your statistics for your mailing. Keep tabs on your response rate, conversion rate, cost per lead and cost per new recruit to see if your mailing campaign is scalable or not. If your response rate isn't where you think it should be then you want to make small changes to your message and re-test. Eventually you'll have a solid message that gets results. At this point you should scale your mailing up to 1,000 or 2,500 pieces at a time.

Our direct mail genealogy lists vs the "other" guys...

Are we the only place that sells MLM genealogy / networker direct mail lists? Of course not... We have however been providing lists since 2005 and helped quite a few people along the way. While its true you can go out and spend a few bucks on tens of thousands of genealogy leads I want you to know upfront that the list you purchase is going to be full of bad mailing addresses which is going to cost you time and money. All our lists are pulled from our proprietary database of network marketers, home business owners & direct salespeople. We are constantly adding new lists to the database and removing older files that have had too much exposure to the marketplace. Unlike the other guys, our goal is to provide you with the best direct mail prospecting list possible.Yes our data costs a little more but that's because we do our best to provide you with a clean contactable list. All of our direct mail prospecting genealogy lists go through multi-part scrubbing process before its sent out to you. This scrubbing includes verification through SmartyStreets to verify that an address is valid and can receive mail.

Targeting the perfect list for your phone prospecting needs

Depending on your goals we offer a few targeting packages of direct mail MLM genealogy leads. These include USA or state targeted direct mail leads. Click on the packages below to learn more about each lead type as well as make a purchase.

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