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Phone Prospecting Leads

MLM Genealogy Leads for Phone Prospecting

The most effective way to work a genealogy list is to pick up the phone and make calls to it. In today's age of social media, mass contacting via text, email & phone broadcasting you might think that making direct calls is outdated. While its true that technology has evolved the way we communicate, there is still no better way to recruit for a network marketing business than by making a personal connection with someone. Sending mass email, texts or automated messages isn't personal and therefore you need literally thousands upon thousands of contacts in order to get a very small fraction of people to respond. Calling someone on the phone is personal and with minimal phone skills you can connect with real networkers and start making connections that could lead to big recruits for your business.

3 reason's why calling an ExplosiveGenealogyLeads.com networker list works:

1. Anyone can do it!

Whether your new to network marketing or a seasoned pro, you've probably noticed that you're getting mixed messages when it comes to recruiting for your business. Your company might steer you towards talking to your friends and family while other MLM guru's are telling you that you need to become a social media, attraction marketing, funnel building master.

While learning social media & online marketing is great, its not something that's going to happen for you overnight. The people who are generating their own leads through online marketing spent alot of time and alot of money to do so. By all means, learn that stuff, but understand that its going to be extremely slow in the beginning which means your not going to have anyone to talk to about your business. Not having anyone to expose your business to means your not going to make any money. No matter where your are in your MLM career right now you can buy a phone prospecting list, put together a simple script and start making dials right away.

2. It's economical!

I'm a marketer so I understand getting a return on your investment. With all the different ways to try and "cut corners" to MLM success these days many of them are simply money wasters that don't produce. Our clean (more on that in a minute) MLM genealogy leads are packaged and priced with the budgeting networker in mind. We are going to set you up with at least 1,000 networking contacts which is the minimum you need to be prospecting at a time. While that may seem like a large number to some people, it really isn't once you get going. By simply dialing through 33 leads a day you would go through 1,000 in a month.

3. It's a better lead!

I've personally dialed through thousands of both networker and opportunity seeker leads and I've always had much better success talking to networkers. It just seems as though all the opportunity seeker leads these days are "freebie" seekers looking for a "work at home job" instead of actually investing in a home business. That's why I like genealogy leads because when you connect with them at least you know at some point they had interest and invested money into a network marketing / direct sales business.

With that being said, I'm not going to claim that everyone you call is going to have an interest in your business because it simply doesn't work that way. Your going to run into a very diverse group of people when making calls. Once in awhile you run into grumpy people as well as product users (people that only joined the business to use the product and not to build a business). You'll find some people with a grudge against network marketing and others that the timing simply isn't right. That's okay because your job is just to sort through the "no's" to find the "yes's".

Our phone prospecting lists vs the "other" guys

Are we the only place that sells MLM genealogy / networker lists? Of course not... We have however been providing lists since 2005 and helped quite a few people along the way. While its true you can go out and spend a few bucks on tens of thousands of genealogy leads I want you to know upfront that the list you purchase is going to be full of disconnected numbers. All our lists are pulled from our proprietary database of network marketers, home business owners & direct salespeople. We are constantly adding new lists to the database and removing older files that have had too much exposure to the marketplace.

Unlike the other guys, our goal is to provide you with the best prospecting list possible.Yes our data costs a little more but that's because we do our best to provide you with a clean contactable list. All of our phone prospecting genealogy lists go through multi-part scrubbing process before its sent out to you. This scrubbing includes conducting an area code match and then scrubbing through RealPhoneValidation to remove, disconnected, unknown & invalid numbers. The only thing we can't check for is wrong phone numbers so sometimes you do run into people who are the new owner of a networkers old number. That's okay though because we factor that into our pricing and again, try and get you plenty of good contacts to get in touch with.

Targeting the perfect list for your phone prospecting needs

Depending on your goals and available calling times we offer several targeting packages. These include USA/Canada targeted phone leads, State targeted phone leads, Area code targeted phone leads and MLM type phone leads. Click on the packages below to learn more about each lead package as well as make a purchase.
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